Point of Contact

Dogs do not understand the English language, making it difficult for us to communicate what we are asking of them. In using the Smith family Silent Command Systemâ„¢ we are able to build a point of contact. There are three areas where we build the point of contact: the flank, neck, and toe. Constant contact on the flank will cue a dog to sit or stand still. (Later in the training process this cue is transitioned and moved to the neck.) Momentary contact on the neck will cue a dog to go with us or come to us. Constant contact on the toe will cue a dog to fetch.

The point of contact begins with the human touch. From there, a conditioned response is gained via rope (i.e. lead, check cord, whoa post), transitioned to the e-collar, and finally named with a word, whistle, etc. Now you will have a working language with your dog and your dog will understand correction if he/she should choose to not comply with you.

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